2015 / DEZEMBER / PFEIFFER supporting the Kindergarten "katholische Kindertagesstätte" with 84 pcs. Christmas Plywood Kits.

2015 / OCTOBER / PFEIFFER donated for projects of the LIONS Club Wetzlar. 


2015 / SEPTEMBER / PFEIFFER welcome 3 new trainees
We welcome one young man who will do an apprenticeship as carpenter.
We welcome one young man who will do an apprenticeship as technical product designer.


2015 / AUGUST / Cooperation with schools
Arnd Pfeiffer did an application training with pupils of the Schwingbachschule in Hüttenberg.


2015 / JULY / Journeyman's certificate
Congratulation for two young men, who got their journeyman's certificate as carpenter.


2015 / JULY / Sponsorship
We welcome the team of HSG Wetzlar for a teambuilding event in our show kitchen (


2015 / APRIL / PFEIFFER Training
We participated the vocational trinaing fair in cooperation of LOTTO Hessen, RSV Lahn-Dill and HSG Wetzlar.


2014 / OCTOBER / PFEIFFER Training
Our Trainee Patrik Stoll was awarded at the contest "Die gute Form 2014 - Hessen".


2014 / AUGUST / PFEIFFER welcome 3 new Trainees.
We welcome two young men who will do an apprenticeship as carpenters.
We welcome one woman who will do an apprenticeship as an expert for foreign trade.


2014 / PFEIFFER extends sponsorship for Jan Haller. Player from RSV Lahn-Dill.


2014 / PFEIFFER extends the sponsorship for HSG-Wetzlar.


2013 / JUNE / Trainees of tomorrow
Emmeliusstrasse meets students of the "Neuen Friedensschule" in Merkenbach.


2013 / PFEIFFER donate for the social project Karanjorro - construction of a school in Senegal


2012 / JANUARY / Emmeliusstrasse meets students of Johann-von-Nassau School from Dillenburg

A partnership between PFEIFFER., "Natursteintechnik Reitz" and Bakery "Moos" organised a tour of the three companies where they presented their training ships.


2011 / SEPTEMBER / PFEIFFER goes wheelchair basketball. Sponsorship for Jan Haller from RSV Lahn-Dill.


2011 / JULY / PFEIFFER supports "Menschen für Kinder" with 9,600 EUR with the "Werner Pfeiffer memorial cup"


2010 / Pfeiffer becomes Sponsor for DEHOGA Hessen
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2009 / Pfeiffer training ship: Presentation as the best trainee for IHK Lahn-Dill.


2009 / Pfeiffer starts university project with FH Mainz (Technical college of higher education)
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2009 /  JULI   /  Pfeiffer as official sponsor of „Werner Pfeiffer memorial cup“
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2009  /  JULI   / Pfeiffer supports school class for regatta
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