Diode, Marc Newson


Pfeiffer Product:

„DIODE“ delights
Design: Marc Newson
Material: CORIAN®
Various colours and sizes.


Project story:

With his "Diode" lamps Marc Newson, demonstrates how Corian® can be formed into wonderfully tactile sculptures. By the use of light they appear to radiate an unbelievable shimmering effect. The designer creates an impressive “forest of lights” out of 16 lamps. The illuminated Corian® "tree tops" are at a height of 1.80 m so that the viewer to look directly into their shimmering beauty at close range.

The designer chose the luminous colours Corian® Cameo White, Mandarin and Sun for his project. The boundaries between design installation and design product are blurred together in Newson™s "Diode". They clearly demonstrate that Corian® can be combined with light to create something both artistic and commercial.

Marc Newson, is one of the most talented and influential designers of his generation. At only 37, he has already worked in a wide range of fields - he has created everything from chairs, glasses and bicycles to restaurant fittings, from a sound studio to the interior of a private jet. His customers are based in Europe, North America and Asia. Born in Sydney, he studied jewellery and sculpture at the city's College of the Arts. He then worked in Tokyo and Paris. In 1997 he settled in London and founded his own studio with his business partner Benjamin De Haan, where he has produced forms and designs for diverse industrial products.

Marc Newson, London