Extraordinary strength and resistance

ZODIAQ® is unmatched for its extraordinary strength and resistance. As it consists of quartz, ZODIAQ® is particularly hard and has a Moh hardness of between 7 and 10. Therefore ZODIAQ® has the greatest possible resistance to scratches, fracture, cracking and discolouration. ZODIAQ® can be cut and installed precisely and uniformly. Colours and textures continue through whole thickness of the material and undergo no changes. ZODIAQ® is a dense, stain-resistant material and therefore requires no surface sealants. For normal everyday use, the material is resistant to shock, impact, scratches and wear.



ZODIAQ® can be relied upon to provide lasting tactile and aesthetic qualities, ensuring a uniform appearance in all types of installation.


Machined and dressed like stone:

ZODIAQ® surfaces can be machined, dressed and cut with the same tools as are used for marble and stone-based materials to meet the requirements for precision, homogeneity and coherence. ZODIAQ® can be mechanically worked, abraded with sandpaper or engraved. There is also a wide range of various forms of edge treatment available.


Main field of application:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Washstand top
  • Wall cladding
  • Table top
  • Window sill
  • Tiles


ZODIAQ® surfaces are hygienic because the non-porous nature of the material prevents bacteria and mould from becoming established. ZODIAQ® is non-toxic and chemically inert.