Hanex Mineralwerkstoff - Pfeiffer, Asslar


The unlimited design flexibility.

Hanex® Solid Surface is an acrylic solid surface material which is highly resistant to stains and chemicals due to the high level of alumina trihydrate. Its unique blend of acrylic resin and natural materials allow HANEX® to be cut, shaped and formed to fit a range of designs.

As HANEX® is acrylic, the fabrication advantages are almost unlimited. It can be cut, shaped, molded and thermoformed into 3D shapes. HANEX® is used everywhere that you can imagine such as kitchen, hotel, healthcare or transport, the design capabilities are endless. The only limitation of HANEX® is your imagination.

Hanwha L&C releases new HANEX® series, STRATUM and BELLASSIMO EPISODE II. Explore the possibilities on the links below!


HANEX® in Detail

  • Long term track record since 1995
  • Flexible use of single/double belt casting unit
  • Certificated by NSF51, Greenguard, SCS-MC, ISO, IMO, DIN EN 13501-1 etc.
  • Available in 111 rich colours and textures
  • Full service provider with high-end solutions across the entire value chain
  • Optimised supply of sheets, bowls, adhesives is ensured by our large warehouse in Germany
Hanex Solid Surface - Pfeiffer Küchenarbeitsplatte Mineralwerkstoff


Kitchen Worktop

Hanex Waschtisch aus Mineralwerkstoff - ViVARI Waschbecken


Bath solution

Hanex Badezimmerlösung - ViVARI Waschtisch von Pfeiffer.