REVARI Waschtischkonsole mit Corian Waschtischplatte

The intelligent REVARI® drain system.


The intelligent REVARI® drain system for vanity tops can be universally used for pre-wall installations in front of solid walls. For the first time, washbasins with drain channel can be cleaned conveniently and hygienically. REVARI® means minimalist design and simple maintenance.

The modular self-supported fastening system REVARI® is available in two different lengths to ensure a solution for single and double washbasins. The REVARI® drain system can be individually covered with different materials with an integral fall to the drain channel, e.g. solid surface material, natural stone or comparable materials – depending on your needs, your style, your budget.

Easy maintenance of the drain channel is possible and guarantees cleanliness & hygiene. For cleaning and maintenance of the drain channel, loose the specially developed screw connection and pull the vanity top into its maintenance position.

The REVARI® drain system is perfectly developed for wall-mounted fittings, e.g. VOLA® type 4321-40. The highlight: Some of the REVARI® drain covers are colour coordinated with the products VOLA® wall-mounted mixer.

REVARI Rinnenwaschtisch Mineralwerkstoff

REVARI with VOLA stainless steel

REVARI with VOLA matt black.

REVARI with VOLA matt black.