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Safety. - Comfort. - Hygiene.

Our VIVARI® CARE Series offers high quality products for barriere-free building. The great range of designs and colours opens a huge diversity for the spatial planning. High-quality materials like solid surface material (e.g. CORIAN®, LG Hi-Macs, Staron or KRION) and stainless steel create a welcoming atmosphere.

Our VDH Vanitites with solid surface material are robust, non-porous and easy to maintain. Integrated handholds are great options. Identifications by braille or optical-tactile signals could be also integrated into the vanities.

VIVARI® CARE solutions are all wheelchair accessible and offer mobility with ergonomic design. The thought-through hygiene concept guarantees easy cleaning and care. The installation is made with brackets (All installations must adhere to applicable DIN EN-/DIN-standards). Additional side tables, handholds and accessories with stainless steel (referring to DIN 12182) supplement the series.


- Vanities in different colours (Due to the production process, we recommend solid bright colours)

- Variable dimensions (Larger storage area possible)

-       Height adjustable (optional)



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Practical accessories

Practical accessories

Vanity Options

Vanity Options




Milling template and DXF-Data are available on request.