Vitamine Bar, James Irvine



Design: James Irvine (*1958 / +2013)
Material: CORIAN Cameo White, Grey-Beige


Project story:

The "Vitamin Bar" brings CORIAN® and light together in unique ways. The circular bar is surrounded by 16 seats. The design allows the barkeeper to speak and attend to all customers equally. The whole installation is produced in CORIAN® Cameo White with a grey-beige colour specially developed for this project.  However, the really spectacular aspect is the way the objects are illuminated. The light comes from below out of the floor, out of the bar stools and the centre of the bar. The colours and hence the atmosphere of the surroundings change continuously.

James Irvine said of his project: "The only aim of the project was to create something out of CORIAN® related to the theme of light. However, I saw my own goal as creating something great and at the same time social. Something in which people could participate... During the exhibition you can find moments of peace and recuperation at the ‘Vitamin-Bar™ - and of course some refreshment. I discovered one day while watching the television that my bar looked quite coincidentally very much like a gigantic conference table at the United Nations: What a happy accident!"

James Irvine was born in 1958 in London and now lives in Milan. He studied furniture design at the Royal College of Art, London. Then he was a member of the Olivetti-Design studio and a partner at Sottsass Associati. Today, his design ideas are in great demand from many international companies, including Canon, Artemide and Whirlpool. In 1999 he created the design for the new fleet of Mercedes-Benz buses for the City of Hanover. Cappellini was one of his first customers in the field of furniture, and now he is currently working for clients like B & B Italia and Magis.

James Irvine