Pfeiffer Hospitality

Lanserhof, Tegernsee


Pfeiffer Product:



Project Report

Architect:     ingenhoven architects gmbh, Düsseldorf

PhotoCredit:  Egbert Krupp, München



Experience a health resort unique to Europe.  

Gain new energy. We have inspired an impressive architectural vision for life spread across 21,000 square metres. This vision was created by the award-winning architect Christoph Ingehoven and landscape architect Enzo Enea.

Light is omnipresent. It radiates through the impressive window façade and fills the high-grade naturally furnished interior with warmth. Relax in our newly constructed bathhouse, swim in our all year round heated saltwater pool , and bring the day to a relaxing end the day by joining other guests for a cup of tea in our fireplace lounge in the hotel area.
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AQUAMASTER XERO - Shower tray in the desired format.


AQUAMASTER XERO - Wall Cladding with Corian