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Materials from PFEIFFER are excellently suited for use in the hospitality sectors, as hotels by nature demand a rich colour palette and pleasantly tactile qualities. Easy care surfaces and diverse installation options ensure the surfaces are clean and hygienic. Surfaces made from mineral materials can be restored if necessary, which means that their original appearance can be retained in the long term and the most made of your initial investment.

Well thought-through to the smallest detail and tastefully fitted out: Thus the guest™s room presents an inviting place of retreat after a stressful journey. The contemporary appearance and pleasant tactile qualities set the mood for your guests.

Mineral material surfaces from PFEIFFER are ideal for presenting informal meals to hurried guests. The solid surface material always radiates appetising freshness and can be adapted without complications to suit your particular requirements, e.g. for gastronorm containers or integrated cooled or heated glass merchandisers.

Hygiene is not optional if you wish to enjoy culinary peace of mind: It has to be at the best level possible. Mineral materials from PFEIFFER are suitable for food preparation and serving areas - they are free from pores, cracks or joints and are easy to clean. They can withstand the effects of everyday operations and the thorough cleaning demanded for catering and food preparation. They will retain their appearance for many years, provided they looked after properly.

Customised design possibilities, which PFEIFFER would be pleased to work through with you, can create exciting and aesthetically pleasing dining areas where eating remains a pleasurable experience.

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PFEIFFER Projects - HYATT Regency Dusseldorf

PFEIFFER Projects - HYATT Regency Dusseldorf

Hotelwaschtische Mineralwerkstoff

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