Customers individual style

Together with your customers you can create home designs which express your customers™ individual style and suit their way of life. Discover how Pfeiffer can help you to do this. The kitchen is the renovation project par excellence and often provides the design focal point in the refurbishment of a home. The broad spectrum of Pfeiffer products and colours is as suitable for extensive design commissions as it is for smaller projects. The material offers design flexibility, versatility and an unbelievable wealth of possibilities.

Seamless joints, worktops, elegant and practical: Inlaid stainless steel rods as set-down areas, milled down drainage surfaces and an integrated flush sink provide no space for dirt or bacteria to collect, and you can select your favourites from our MIXA® product line, for example.

MIXA Kitchen sinks -  the solid surface sink

MIXA Kitchen sinks - the solid surface sink