PFEIFFER. Made with solid surface material.


No day is like any other. Moods, opinions, ideas, everything is constantly changing and this is also true of people's living space.

The family-owned company Pfeiffer is a specialist for solid surface products and creative room concepts. From the bathroom to the kitchen - private or public spaces - from a single product to large projects: Pfeiffer develops and produces products with different and innovative material combinations.  Latest solid surface materials like CORIAN, KRION, STARON, HANEX and Hi-MACS will be applied. They produce with tiles, wood, stainless steel and glass fascinating two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and surface - for example basins, worktops, counters and wall claddings. Pfeiffer is well-known for its high material competence, its strong commitment and a maximum amount of precision and quality.

MIXA Kitchen sink round, made with solid suface material Corian.

MIXA® Kitchen sinks

Ultimate Design with MIXA® Kitchen sinks, made with all solid surface colours (from selected suppliers).

vivari bathroom interior with solid surface material - basins, shower, tubs

VIVARI® Bath products

Nearly every style and size is possible for VIVARI Washbasins, showers and bathtubs.